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On this page, we’ve run through just a few of the things that are checked during a HCL car service. It’s not an exhaustive list, instead focusing on some of the more crucial elements of car servicing. Whether you drive a Mercedes (we specialise in Mercedes servicing), or another manufacturer’s vehicle – our team of highly experienced and qualified, Chertsey-based mechanics will be able to ensure your vehicle is in fit and fine shape.


HCL Service Centre is Surrey’s premier Mercedes specialist and is always happy to be of assistance to motorists in need. If it’s not a car service you’re after, perhaps you’re more interested in our car repairs, MOT preparation or breakdown recovery service, give us a call on 01932 849 090.



What Happens During a Car Service?




One of the most essential elements of a car service is the oil and filter change. Your oil filter prevents contaminating substances from reaching your engine, where they can cause significant damage / reduce fuel economy. A dirty or clogged filter could block the flow of oil to the engine, resulting in engine failure. This is why car servicing sees a new, clean filter installed, which helps keep your engine good and healthy.

The need for an oil change is self-explanatory, being an essential lifeblood that keeps your vehicle working as it should. Whether it’s Mercedes servicing you’re visiting our Chertsey garage for (HCL being a Mercedes specialist), or you drive a different vehicle in need of a car service, one thing that’ll always be the same is the oil and filter change.




Deteriorating over time, brake fluid plays an essential role within your vehicle, transferring the pressure you create when applying force to the brake pedal to the wheel hub. It also acts as a lubricant, preventing grinding/corrosion of parts. The heat created through excessive or heavy braking can cause brake fluid to heat up, boil and eventually evaporate. This can lead to critical braking failures. Chertsey motorists should ensure their brake fluid is topped up every six months, if not during a car service at our Mercedes specialist, then by doing it themselves.




If your tyres are over inflated, they’re at a higher risk of suffering structural damage while you’re driving in and around the Chertsey area. It can be just as dangerous to have under inflated tyres, which won’t be as responsive and certainly impact how fuel efficient your vehicle is. During Mercedes servicing, or any other form of car service for that matter, our mechanics will ensure your tyres are inflated to right level.




There’s a comprehensive list of components that are checked during car servicing at our Chertsey garage. This list depends on whether the car service is a full annual service, or a six month one. The former is exhaustive and covers every important element conceivable. As standard, we’ll check on items like the clutch and tyres, things that keep you safe on the road. For a full list of items checked during our car servicing packages, contact our Mercedes specialist directly.

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