Affordable Car Servicing for the Cobham Area

Mercedes specialist HCL Service Centre provides quality, affordable car servicing to motorists in and around the Cobham area. Ensuring you invest in a car service regularly affords many benefits. On this page, we’ve run through just a few of them. Please keep in mind that while we are perhaps best known around Cobham for Mercedes servicing, we don’t exclusively serve Mercedes drivers, and have Jaguar/Bentley trained engineers who are familiar with all makes and models of car.



Advantages of Regular Car Servicing



Most motorists around Cobham see a new vehicle as an investment. It has a crucial job to do, and the longer it remains functional, the more value you squeeze out of your purchase. After all, many modern vehicles have a timeless feel to them that means you don’t need to keep trading in and securing a new, up-to-date car every few years. A car service from HCL Service Centre – the Cobham area’s trusted Mercedes specialist – will help ensure your vehicle goes the distance, not just on a day-to-day basis, but over its full lifetime.




Car servicing also helps protect you, your passengers and vehicle, as we’ll check up on the health of essential components that keep you safe while cruising Cobham roads. If it’s been a while since a team of professional mechanics carried out a car service / check-up on your vehicle, you may be unaware of potential problems that are gradually worsening and threatening your well-being. Car servicing identifies said issues and nips them in the bud, before you’re put at risk of suffering a serious mechanical error/accident.




Building on the prior point, Mercedes servicing can help reduce repair bills. It’s no secret that spending time and effort on vehicular upkeep will help ensure you don’t have to replace expensive internal components which break due to neglect, or undergo niche repairs that can really add-up on the price side of things.




Another reason why it makes good financial sense for Cobham motorists to come in to our Mercedes specialist for car servicing, is it can improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, saving you a significant sum over time. This is mainly achieved by ensuring your tyre pressure is correct. Up to 20% of the energy your vehicle uses up relates to your tyres, so it’s integral you make sure they are inflated correctly.




When buying a new vehicle, most Cobham motorists will sell their current car off or trade-in to subsidise the new purchase. The amount you get for your used automobile really depends on how well it has been treated. If you ensure it gets at least a quality car service each year from the HCL team, then you ensure a buyer/dealership can’t knock pounds off the asking price for faults.

For quality car servicing at competitive prices, contact HCL Service Centre, the Cobham area’s local Mercedes specialist, on 01932 849 090.

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