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HCL Service Centre proudly operates as the Hersham area’s car servicing and Mercedes specialist. We believe that it’s important for Mercedes owners to book their car service with a company that knows what it’s doing, as Mercedes servicing is fundamentally different to a Volkswagen or Honda car service, for example.


On this page, we’ve looked to explain exactly how it’s different. Please keep in mind we also carry out fast, affordable Mercedes repairs for motorists in and around Hersham. If this is what you’re looking for, feel free to skip the below information and call us on 01932 849 090.



Mercedes Servicing Explained



Mercedes Benz offers two different car servicing levels, labelled A and B. The Car Service A package covers oil filter replacement, brake inspections, tire pressure checks and a look over/top-up of internal fluids. Package B is a slightly more intense form of car servicing. It covers all of the aforementioned points, while adding checks on belts/hoses and lamps. Car Service B also sees the replacement of all other (non-oil) filters. As Hersham’s premier Mercedes specialist, we are proficient and experienced in both iterations of car servicing.


But how do you know when it’s time to invest in Mercedes servicing? This is where the Flex Schedule system comes in. There are instruments incorporated within your vehicle which will monitor its performance and help ensure you aren’t left wanting for Mercedes repairs due to an automotive fault. Once it detects that the car has been driven 5,000-6,000 miles, it will alert you. At this point, a licenced Mercedes specialist like our own will be tasked with performing a general inspection and tire rotation.


The sign that a Hersham motorist requires car servicing is a single wrench lighting up on their dashboard. This indicates it’s time for Car Service A. Once you’ve clocked up a fair few miles, two wrenches will illuminate. No rewards for guessing that this indicate it’s time for B level car servicing!


We urge Hersham drivers not to put off car servicing should they notice the aforementioned signs on their dashboard.  If you ignore your vehicle, its warning signs and manufacturer car service schedule, you’ll be far more likely to breakdown and require emergency Mercedes repairs. So give HCL Service Centre a call today and book in your Mercedes servicing appointment.

To book in car servicing or Mercedes repairs at our Hersham garage, pick up the phone and call HCL Service Centre on 01932 849 090.

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