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It’s no secret that HCL Service Centre is the Ottershaw area’s preferred Mercedes specialist. Our mechanics have a huge amount of experience dealing with the beloved German manufacturer’s sleek and stylish automobiles. Whether we’re providing Mercedes repairs, car servicing, vehicle diagnostics or MOT testing, we ensure Ottershaw drivers get help tailored to their needs.


So on this page, to demonstrate our knowledge, we’ve run through three things we think that all Mercedes Benz owners should know. If you’re more interested in booking an urgent car service with us, pick up the phone and call 01932 849 090. There’s an art to Mercedes servicing, and we’ve mastered it!



3 Things That Mercedes Benz Owners Need to Know



Choose the Right Oil & Filters – It’s important to know that Mercedes Benz recommends a certain type of oil and filter, so getting any old car service from any old garage in Ottershaw is unlikely to be optimal. As a Mercedes specialist, HCL Service Centre uses the recommended Mobil1 0W40 oil during all car servicing / Mercedes repairs, and a fleece oil filter (these can be fit for purpose over 10k+ miles, which is the mark that the manufacturer recommends B  level car servicing). Having improper oil put in your vehicle during Mercedes servicing at a non-specialist Ottershaw garage could lead, over an extended period of time, to a build-up of sludge within your engine. Not ideal!


Cherish Your Battery – Mercedes Benz vehicles are fill to the brim with technologically innovative electronics, which help it run optimally and prevent the need for Mercedes repairs. But these features are completely reliant on your battery. This is why it’s so important that you have a quality battery fitted in your car, and replace it every six years or so. During scheduled car servicing at our premises near Ottershaw, we’ll be able to tell you whether it’s time for a replacement, if you’re unsure how long you’ve had your current battery for.


A non-Mercedes specialist may fail to identify the tell-tale signs that a vehicle is suffering battery related issues, such as: illuminated SRS light on dashboard and limp mode engaging at random intervals. Likewise, they might not know which battery to use (Bosch Batteries are OEM). Remember, it’s best to replace your battery well before it gives out, otherwise you may end up missing an essential appointment when your vehicle fails to start! A battery malfunction could also see you shelling out for Mercedes repairs or an extra car service that could have been easily avoided.


Recognise Your Check Engine Light – Has your check engine light illuminated? It might be tempting to avoid seeking professional assistance if your vehicle is still running ok, but don’t! It may just indicate something minor, but we urge you to visit us at our site in Chertsey, just a short drive from Ottershaw. As a bona fide Mercedes specialist, we’ll quickly be able to get to the bottom of the issue and recommend how to proceed. It could just be that it’s time for a car service, or it could be something more serious. Get to the bottom of it now, or you may find yourself breaking down at the side of the road, and in need of something far more expensive than Mercedes servicing (like Mercedes repairs)!

For more advice, call the Ottershaw area’s go-to Mercedes specialist on 01932 849 090. We offer car servicing, repairs, diagnostics and a whole host of other garage services.

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