Affordable, Professional Mercedes Repairs in Shepperton

While Mercedes Benz vehicles are known around Shepperton and the world at large for their build quality and reliability, there are common issues which drivers of certain models often experience. Regular car servicing can help reduce the likelihood of you suffering said issues, but some might eventually prove unavoidable and require Mercedes repairs.


As the Shepperton area’s go-to Mercedes specialist, we’re the ideal choice whether you’re looking to maintain your vehicle via a car service or fix an emerging issue. On this page, we’ve looked at a few common problems suffered by one of the most popular vehicles we receive for Mercedes servicing – the C-Class.



Common Issues With the Mercedes C-Class



Stability Issues – Models manufactured during 2008 can suffer from stability issues, caused by the fitting of faulty Active Body Control acceleration sensors. These have been known to make the front axle vibrate, which will effect performance. If you drive a 2008 C-Class and have noticed that your vehicle isn’t driving on the straight and narrow, or it’s making strange noises while the engine is running, we urge you to pay your local Mercedes specialist HCL Service Centre a visit as soon as possible. We’ll be able to carry out car servicing or diagnostics to figure out whether this is the problem or it’s a different issue that requires urgent Mercedes repairs.


Engine Failure - Early C-Class vehicles have been known to suffer from crankshaft sensor issues, which can result in disruption to its electrical connection. This is a fairly serious issue and can cause outright engine failure. Your engine cutting out while driving around Shepperton can be highly dangerous. If we identify this problem during run of the mill Mercedes servicing, we’ll recommend urgent repairs.


Power Steering – 2010 C-Class models have been known to suffer from power steering fluid leaks, from the fluid line to the pump. Should this occur, Shepperton drivers will likely hear a jarring noise when the power steering is engaged. Remember to mention any odd noises you’ve heard while driving when you come in for a car service. While it might just be harmless and nothing to worry about, listening out for signs that your vehicle might be in ill health is vital – it allows staff at our Mercedes specialist to help identify problematic issues before they worsen and require expensive repairs/part replacement.


Brakes – Another problem that some C-Class vehicles made during 2010 can suffer from relates to the brakes. Some were fitted with the incorrect brake disc, meaning your vehicle could suffer from reduced brake effectiveness. Obviously, this is no laughing matter. Should we spot this issue during car servicing, we’ll carry out Mercedes repairs to ensure our Shepperton customers are able to promptly stop in emergency braking situations.


Fuel Leakage – An easy issue to spot during Mercedes servicing is the fuel leak problem that diesel C-Class vehicles built between 2009-2011 have been known to experience. They occur around the drain opening but have also been spotted at the fuel filter (which we replace during both an A and B type car service). It’s an easy fix, and will help improve fuel efficiency once sorted.

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