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While HCL Service Centre is known throughout the Weybridge area as a top choice for car servicing for any and all motorists, we also have a reputation as being Surrey’s Mercedes specialist. The reason why we’re so renowned for Mercedes servicing is that we regularly conduct it for the 40 vehicles that make up HCL’s fleet of chauffeur driven cars. Having been trained by the German manufacturer themselves, and having carried out many an official dealership car service, our now independent team are uniquely qualified to look after your pride and joy.


But have you ever wondered why so many people in and around Weybridge choose to drive a Mercedes Benz? On this page, we’ve looked to answer that very question.



5 Reasons to Drive a Mercedes Benz in Weybridge



Mercedes Benz invented countless safety features and tests which are now used ubiquitously by other manufacturers. They place a real focus on developing, testing and rolling out highly safe vehicles which safeguard drivers. Weybridge motorists who want peace of mind when behind the wheel of their automobile, would do well to invest in a Mercedes vehicle.


Note: Remember to invest in regular Mercedes servicing with us to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently. A quality car service will ensure vital components are in good condition, and aren’t at risk of being compromised.




Some would argue that Mercedes’ three-point star and silver exteriors with bold straight lines make for the most iconic vehicle aesthetic the world over. We’d be inclined to agree! Mercedes vehicles, from the S-Class to E-Class, look fantastic. When you see them driving around the Weybridge area, you’re bound to notice heads turning to follow their path.




HCL isn’t just the Weybridge area’s car servicing / Mercedes specialist. We also operate a chauffeur driven car hire business, which employs a fleet of top of the range vehicles – all Mercedes. One of the reasons we choose to use them, and why they’re seen as a real workhorse within the chauffeur industry, is the luxurious levels of comfort they afford passengers. Own one for yourself, and enjoy chauffeur driven car level luxury, without the need for a chauffeur!




But it’s not just looks and comfort that make Mercedes vehicles desirable amongst Weybridge motorists. With the aid of the odd car service (from HCL, your Mercedes specialist near Weybridge), they perform fantastically. The manufacturer puts quality engines and components under their bonnets. What else would you expect from one of the greatest F1 teams on the planet?




Mercedes Benz has been around for a very long time, and has forged a reputation that’s unrivalled within the automotive industry.  From humble beginnings under the DMG banner, to the titan they are today, when you buy one of their vehicles, you’re buying into a brand with a stellar reputation and fascinating background.

In Weybridge and in the market for car servicing or repairs? Bring yours into HCL Service Centre, the area’s local Mercedes specialist!

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